Turkey Internet Usage Data from TTNET for 21 June

TTNET‘s official blog published a striking article with data for June 21, the longest day of the year, written by Şahin Şen, Vice President of Operations. The article shows that TTNET ADSL subscribers reached a speed of 500,00 Gbps on June 21 and total Internet use has reached an amount of  3458 Terabyte.

While Internet is mostly used between 10 and 11 pm during the day, 207,292 TB data has been transferred in this period of time. The second busiest hour is between 3 and 4 pm, when 204,792 TB data were used. You can see the visuals on the rest of the article.

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TTNET Traffic Shares from Tahsin Yılmaz

I guess most of our readers know TTNET GM Tahsin Yılmaz well. Tahsin Yılmaz is not only a good example to how a general manager of one of the large foundation should use social media with his Twitter account, but also informs the industry of data and information that are not easily accessible.

Tahsin Yılmaz took various positions in 3 GSM operators before, and is the General Manager of TTNET since the beginning of 2008. He uses Twitter very actively these days, and it is possible to say that Yılmaz uses social media very effectively. He does a lot of right things with social media, including sharing information about the foundation he works for, doing the marketing for it without going too far, sharing his personal experiences and most important of all, interacting with his followers. All these make Tahsin Yılmaz a valuable example to a senior executive using social media and a valuable source to follow on it.

Tahsin Yılmaz shared traffic rates of TTNET for 11st and 12nd May on Twitter. You can see how the total of 3.2 Petabyte traffic for TTNET subscribers is distributed for 2 days.

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TTNet Launches IPTV in Turkey with Tivibu Ev

In the beginning of 2010, TTNet started its service, Tivibu, as internet TV, and now it’s time for Tivibu to reach home TV’s with IP based technology. New service was introduced with the name Tivibu Ev on an organization held yesterday. This new service targets 2.5 million users in 30 cities.

Tivibu Ev offers the same features as Tivibu does with its desktop application and web broadcast. The new broadcast makes it possible to access social networks including Twitter, Facebook and Twitter, in addition to a number of applications such as horoscope and weather info. Plus, with Tivibu Ev, one can order food using YemekSepeti. I should add that Tivibu Ev is open to 3rd party applications.

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Online Music Market Has Much Supply. But Where Is The Demand?

1213630_musical_key_2Are you aware that the most important content that shapes Turkish Internet market revolves around music category?

A majority of website bans are due to this content type, most significant costs are created by these kind of websites, after video sites, the business models that makes the most income for third parties are music initiatives, and video, adult, friendship, game and surely music sites get the highest traffic. In addition, in the last period, the type of content which brands invest the most is music.

Music initiatives are considered the center of entertainment, they are much easier to create the software and infrastructure compared to video, can be licensed in one center for Turkish content without messy licensing, and can easily attract masses  since there is not domination in the market. Under these circumstances, music initiatives have recently started to take more and more place in the sector.

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