Ukrainian Latio helps to build iBeacon trend with specialized mobile apps

latio-logoAs smartphones become increasingly ubiquitous, one of the newest trends appears to be the introduction of “beacons” capable of allowing stores interact with nearby -potential- customers via sensors within the beacon that detect compatible apps or phones in the vicinity and then make the connection.

Ukraine-based Latio looks to get in on the beacon trend early by developing specialized apps that clients can use to offer various services to those who visit their brick-and-mortar stores.

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CrowdCurity announces $1 million funding from Tim Draper, Kima Ventures and others

crowdcurity_logoDanish-born CrowdCurity announces that they have raised $1 million in a seed round from Tim Draper, Kima Ventures, and several private backers Gerhard Eschelbeck and Dr. Fengmin Gong. The startup intends to use the funds to expand its crowdsourced security marketplace of responsible disclosure and bug bounty programs.

Though currently based in Silicon Valley, the startup was launched by Danes Jacob Hansen, Christian Hansen, Esben Friis-Jensen, and Jakob Storm last July.

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Hardware startup LeeLuu fights the fear of the dark with interactive nightlights

leeluu-founderIt may seem silly to adults, but for many children, the night can be full of monsters and they need to come up with something to put their minds at ease in the dark. Finnish startup LeeLuu wants to help children deal with their fear of the dark, by creating interactive nightlights.

In order to get an idea of what LeeLuu offers, it may be best to check out a photo from their Facebook page. Co-founder Lisa Gerkens tells that they are offering interactive, soft nightlights which react to touch and are capable of communicating with one another. The sensors allowing the lights to react are built right into its textile shell.

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Coub, the Russian answer to Vine, raises $2.5M in Series A

coub-logoRussian video service Coub announces that they have obtained $2.5 million in funding from Vaizra Investment Funds, a New York-based VC created by VK (formerly Vkontakte) co-founders Lev Leviev and Vyacheslav Mirilashvili.

The round, which follows a $1-million round that they raised from Brother Ventures and Phenomen Ventures last year, will enable the company to continue to develop their iOS app and to expand internationally. Since brothers Igor and Anton Gladborodokov and Mikhail Tabunov founded the company back in 2012, it has exploded in popularity, now claiming 50 million unique monthly users and 337 million monthly views.

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Medical booking and rating platform DocPlanner acquires Turkish market leader

DocPlannerEnIyi-logoMedical booking platform DocPlanner has announced the acquisition of its Turkish counterpart Eniyihekim for an undisclosed amount. The Warsaw headquartered company claims the dominant position in the European market, increasing its monthly visitors by 1.5 million to 6 million with the takeover.

The team behind Turkey’s main doctor appointment and rating platform will be joining DocPlanner, growing it to over 100 people based in 3 counties. As a part of the deal, DocPlanner will invest capital and expertise in Eniyihekim’s sales and customer care units, and optimise its mobile app and reach.

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Danceter is the events marketplace for professional dancers in CEE

danceter-logoProfessional dancing has been around for years, but in recent years has enjoyed new popularity thanks to TV shows where celebrities dance with professionals. Ukraine is no different, but locals might not realize that they do not need to wait for the latest dancing competition to watch or even take part themselves.

Danceter launched as a news and tournament-organizing platform the professional-dancing world. It was a project of passion, as the founders, CEO Sergey Grytsuyk (champion dancer) and CMO Evgeniy Ursalov created the business because they believe the market to be a lucrative one and there is room for a new player.

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Danish wine app Vivino reaches 5M+ users

vivino-screenDanish wine app Vivino has announced that they have reached 5 million users (actually more than 5.2 million now). Launched back in 2010 to offer wine enthusiasts an app to find reviews of various labels, the app also lets the users share their “wine experience” with friends, obtain personalized recommendations with friends, and more.

This all-encompassing app allows users to refine their tastes by searching for various labels by country, wine region, grape, wineries, or simply browse their entire list of wines.

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Criteo unlocks its ad solutions for digital marketers in over 130 countries

criteo-logoParis-based performance advertising tech company Criteo has opened up its systems to the digital marketers users in over 130 countries worlwide.

The global expert in programmatic buying, Criteo’s solutions can now be used in multi-region campaigns, significantly reducing time to market and helping customers capitalise on new revenue potentials in new territories.

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Successful Kickstarter campaign nears conclusion for Latvian drone-maker AirDog

airdogWithin just 24 hours, one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns run by a Latvian startup. Combining two of the hottest new hardware devices of recent years, GoPro cameras and drones, AirDog aims to offer the first flying camera capable of automatically following the user around. The creators of the campaign aimed to raise $200K and have already topped $1.2 million from just over 1,200 backers with one day left.

As the name suggests, the AirDog essentially acts a “dog” that you can lead around with your “AirLeash” and take the shots that you can’t really capture while running with a GoPro. The AirLeash, which you strap onto your wrist or helmet, offers more flexibility than you might have from a simple mobile app.

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Swedish med-tech firm Getinge acquires Danish counterpart Cetrea for reported €12M

cetrea_logoGetinge, a Swedish firm specializing in medical technology, announces that they have acquired Danish counterpart Cetrea for a reported €12 million. As part of the deal, Cetrea will be integrated under the Maquet name.

Despite the acquisition, Cetrea will also continue to operate as a Denmark-registered company. Together, the companies plan to combine Cetrea’s clinical-logistics solutions and Getinge’s operating-room services to target the entire hospital.

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