Webrazzi is the leading web source that focusing on digital markets, start-ups, investments, technological developments and events in European, Middle Eastern and African markets. For the latter two that are previously neglected by ‘mainstream’ digital publications, we provide a unique and unparalleled tech information source.

Founded in 2006 by Arda Kutsal, Webrazzi now hosts over 15 correspondents, writers and analysts from across the region, uncovering the latest developments in the tech community. It’s visited more than 30,000 times a day, with the monthly unique visitor number exceeding 300,000. This success is thanks to a fantastic team and we are always looking to add to its ranks. Webrazzi English is soon to be launched to serve international audience.

As the most influential web source in its field, Webrazzi shares its expertise and networking platform through regular conferences, culminating in an annual international Webrazzi Summit and 5 vertical conferences on basic digital categories like e-commerce, digital marketing, startups, payment systems etc..  Attracting speakers who represent some of the leading minds, we aim to bring you to the cutting edge of the internet industry in EMEA region and beyond.

Webrazzi is founded by Arda Kutsal and nurtured by a team of experienced journalists and writers from different parts of the said regions. If you need to know us better, please do not hesitate to contact Noyan Ayan, the editor of the site, at editor@webrazzi.com.