VisioQuote provides moving companies with a platform where they can remotely offer quotes

visioquoteFrench startup VisioQuote may hardly be the first to introduce a video-messaging service, but the platform that they have recently unveiled has nonetheless struck a previously unsatisfied degree of demand, as they have picked up several thousand users with a service that allows moves to remotely offer price quotes to customers.

The idea behind this service is that movers previously needed to come to the customer’s home or office in order to assess the situation and offer a price estimate. But now, they can manage appointments and jobs from the office, using smartphones to identify the items that will need to be moved and provide a quote. And, the calendar can be synchronized, as well as offers a personalized link that can be shared with the client.

What is interesting about this service is that, while they originally developed the platform for moving companies, they do not wish to limit their focus and are offering it up to companies that deal in the fields of online banking, insurance, real estate, human resources, medicine, and more.

VisioQuote operates on a subscription-based revenue-model, charging $25 per visit, as well as offering packages at $99 monthly and $999 annually (both on a “per account” basis). The primary differences between the packages is in the length of commitment, as well as training offered.

The startup has not been live for long, launching in February of this year. To date, they claim 2,500 users, with a third of those using the premium packages. VisioQuote started in France, but has since expanded to the United Kingdom and South Africa. The company tells me that they are currently working to further establish their presence in the U.K., before turning their sights towards Germany in 2017 and attempt to become a market leader in Africa.

Funding those efforts has been 500,000 Euro, which they have picked up from “major VCs”, including TRSB Group, Finance Utile, and London-based 01 Ventures.

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