Evopark aims to simplify the process of finding public parking

evoparkAs annoying as paying for parking may be, it is simply a reality of life for many who live in major cities. German startup Evopark, which launched in 2014, might not completely remove the need for it, but they are looking to make the process as simple and painless as possible with a platform that offers easy access to public parking around the country.

Evopark’s solution to the headaches that come with finding and paying for a public parking spot is to create digital cards, for which users must pay the usual parking fee. Users can go online and pay monthly, which offers access to a card that automatically opens the gate to the parking structure as you approach and which allows users to park at affiliated retailers, in order to receive parking credit. Another perk of using this system is that their mobile apps, which are available for Android and iOS, indicate which parking garages have available spots, as well as nearby affiliate businesses.

Speaking of their apps, Evopark’s offering for Android has been well-received thus far, currently maintaining a rating of 4.6 stars (out of 5) from 51 reviewers, while 36 iOS reviewers have given that version a rating of 4.5 stars (out of 5).

At this point, Evopark has made their service available in 37 parking garages, including more than 10,000 parking spaces across 16 German cities. The startup currently partners with national and international parking-garage operators, manufacturers of parking-management systems, and various retailers.

Evopark has just recently pulled in a “seven-figure” (Euro) sum from Porsche Digital GmbH, which launched earlier this year as a subsidiary of Porsche AG, tasked with furthering the company’s efforts to promote innovation in the automotive sector and has selected Evopark for its first investment. With the funding, Evopark intends to create an open platform for off-street parking, both within Germany and across Europe.

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