Wydr provides platform for buying art in the online era

wydrTinder may have made the “swiping” function popular among dating platforms, but Swiss startup Wydr has taken it in a different direction, using it as a means for finding and purchasing artwork.

Taking a look at their site, I found that the artwork, which ranges in price from a few hundred to several thousand Euro, can be listed by price, alphabetically, date, “featured”, and “best-selling”. And clicking on a particular item offers information about the size, type of materials used, and other pieces in that collection.

And taking a look at their apps, I found that users have the option of swiping through choices, rotating pieces, adding items to their list of favorites, and going to buy. Options can be filtered down by price (in Euro), and width and height, in order to find the perfect fit for where you would like to hang it. There is also the option of indicating whether you would like to view all available pieces or just original work or digital drawings.

And the platform is not only geared towards buyers, but hopes to act as a platform through which artists can get their work acquired, as the startup does not place restrictions artists (so long as they provide some basic information).

While the pieces themselves are pretty pricey, one of the better aspects of this service is that they offer free shipping, worldwide (although customers are sometimes expected to pay import or customs fees). Artists are expected to ship the piece themselves, with the payment frozen by Wydr until the delivery has been made.

Like other marketplaces, Wydr operates on a commission-basis, with founder Matthias Dorner telling me that they take a 30% cut on each piece that they sell.

The startup, which is bootstrapping their operations, only went live in January and currently claims more than 400 artists as users.

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