MiiMOSA boosts local farmers across France with crowdfunding platform


Getting an agricultural project, no matter how small it may be, off the ground can be a tricky thing, with worries about funding likely at the top of the list. That is why French startup MiiMOSA has created a marketplace that allows the average person to reach out to the public for the funding that they need to get going.

Visiting their website, it becomes immediately apparent that MiiMOSA is targeting a French-speaking audience with France-based projects. The platform offers filters that allow visitors to find projects in categories like “beekeeping”, “breeding”, “soft-drinks”, “dairy”, and more. And then, listings can be broken down by the most popular, ones that have been added recently, ones that are nearing a deadline, and projects that have been funded. What I also like is that they offer an interactive map of France, allowing users to see how many projects come from a particular region and to then click down for more information, such as the name of the project, its status, and how much funding they managed to raise. And then, clicking on a project, you will find a page similar to those found on other crowdfunding sites, with pictures and a description of the project, information on why the creators need the money, and a list of rewards.

Like many market places, MiiMOSA operates on a commission basis. In this instance, they told me that they, as well as the project-creator, only collect if the project reaches 60% of its funding target. If the project reaches between 60-74%, MiiMOSA takes home a 12% commission. If it winds up between 74-99%, they take 10%. And, if the project reaches its goal, they will take 8%.

MiiMOSA, which launched in 2014, told me that they have helped deliver 1.5 million Euro in funding to 300 projects, while counting 25,000 users.

MiiMOSA declined to reveal the identities of their investors, but the startup did tell me that they raised 700,000 Euro in June.

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