Almadom prepares to ship microcomputers that can be used to manage all of your smart devices

domoki-almadomAs our homes become increasingly “smart”, offering the ability to remotely monitor your thermometer, television, refrigerator, and on, it seems only natural that we need a device that will allow people to control all of your devices from one central point. Having been working on prototypes for the past 3 years, Italian startup Almadom is now preparing to bring their take on the all-in-one device to their home market.

The Domoki, as Almadom calls it, is a microcomputer that fits on Italian wall-sockets, and can be controlled, via the device’s touch-screen, voice controls, or the accompanying app, allowing users to remotely control various devices, as well as monitor energy consumption, with the goal of drastically cutting their utility bills. And, on that point, the device can determine, using the location of your smartphone, the proper time for turning on the heat, in advance of your arrival at home.

Almadom is currently offering a discount for those who pre-order now, allowing customers deposit 28.90 Euro and receive it for 399 Euro (as opposed to the usual price of 499 Euro). The company tells me that intend to also generate revenue through an app store and energy consultation work.

Almadom was founded in May 2015, but the startup has not yet brought the Domoki to market, which is why they say that they are currently only working with some early-adopters. However, they are planning to go live in July, which they begin delivering the devices within Italy. Founder Alessandro Benedetti added that they are planning to take their system to international markets next year, but declined to provide further details.

In order to finish the development of the device and bring it to market, they have picked up 500K Euro from 12 investors, whose identities have not been provided, but who range from “angels to big companies”.

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