Articoolo prepares to roll out platform that provides computer-generated news articles and content

articooloAlthough writing articles and telling stories can be a joy, I imagine that many writers have, at some point, felt a sense of frustration with having to continuously churn out a stream of content. Or, even if they have not, there may be times when your writing is not quite as good as it could be. It those writers, as well as SEO experts, students, and others, who are targeted by Israeli startup Articoolo, which has developed a natural-language-processing platform that can pump out or edit articles.

Articoolo’s technology works by taking just a few words on a particular topic and analyzing it, in order to understand the context. From there, it can can find the best base resources and extract sentiment and important keywords. It then finds related content and can re-construct everything into a coherent piece of text. Finally, the system takes the piece and re-writes it, using an NLP engine for multi-level semantic identification, and verifies its readability. I was told that the team behind this system has spent 2 years working out the kinks (and they are not yet finished), but has reached the point that they believe that they are ready to run pilot programs with paying customers.

Articoolo currently offers a number of price packages, with prices varying based on how many articles are needed. One set of (3) packages are for one-off customers, with prices ranging from $19 for 10 articles to $99 for 100 articles. But, for those who may need it for a longer period of time, they offer 3 monthly plans, ranging from $29 for 30 articles to $99 for 250.

In terms of traction, co-founder Doron Tal told me that they are running pilots with “several giant players” in industries such as native advertising, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce. The startup declined to identify their investors, but would say that they have picked up $1.2 million from 2 VCs.

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