Running Heroes hopes to get you out and moving with rewards

RunningHeroesAs much good as running does for us, it is simply a chore for many people. While being in good shape is theoretically enough of a motivation to do it, French startup Running Heroes believes that people need an extra incentive to complete this, and other, activities.

Using this app, runners sign-up through Google or Facebook and then add their preferred run-tracking app or GPS watch. From there, they are able to pick up points and earn rewards from 350 partners, whenever they head out for a jog. A look at the rewards offered reveals that runners can obtain, or at least discounts, on magazine subscriptions, various gear, race entrance-fees, and more. Going forward, the company intends to roll out a tool that will allow users to find groups, or just one training partner, as well as provide articles, tips, and online support, in order to help users stay motivated.

Registration is free, as the startup tells me that they generate revenue by selling visibility for affiliates and selling their white label web-platform for a fixed fee, as well as by having adopted these experiences for corporates, who aim to animate their workforce with a software solution.
Running Heroes launched its first office in Paris in March 2014, but expanded to London and Sydney in June 2015. And it has proven to be a global success thus far, with the startup telling me that they currently have 350,000 members across the globe. The startup raised 350,000 Euro from angels in late 2014 and then added to that with a round worth 2 million Euro, which they have just picked up from (A Plus Finance and BPI), as well as more angels.

As part of its efforts to reach new users, the parent company behind Running Heroes has expanded its platform, and become “The Sports Media Group” in the process, by adding and

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