PinMeTo helps large businesses target their social-media audience with local messages

PinMeToAlthough just about every major business seemingly has a presence on social-media, but that does not necessarily mean they can successfully connect with potential customers on a personal level. Swedish startup PinMeTo, founded back in 2013, has taken aim at the problem with a tool designed to allow businesses to generate more interaction, whether it includes “likes”, clicks, or something else, by creating messages aimed at regional or even local audiences. 

The platform that PinMeTo has unveiled includes 4 aspects, such as dynamic fields (which will automatically fill in relevant information like the city, address, telephone number, or location descriptor), location-filtering, post-scheduling, and data, which offers insights into how well people respond to posts for various locations.

At the moment, the company says that their service connects with “all major social platforms”, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, and so forth.

PinMeTo has not officially launched their location-marketing platform just yet, but has just unveiled one part of it. As they are a B2C business, PinMeTo tells me that they charge their clients, who currently number 44 and serve 4,283 locations across 34 countries, a subscription fee, depending upon the number of locations that they have.

PinMeTo reports that they are primarily funded, to the tune of about $1 million, by D-Ax, which is the investment arm of Axel Johnson, one of the largest retail groups in the Nordics.

The startup was a bit vague about their plans, telling me only that they are trying to help global or multi-location businesses, fitness chains, retailers, banks, or fast-food chains to connect with customers and help push them towards that business’ physical locations.

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