Marley Spoon offers the ingredients for a healthy meal and guides you in the cooking process

marley-spoonFrozen “TV dinners” have long been a life-saver for those of us who lack cooking skills, but these meals are not necessarily the healthiest option out there. Thus, German startup Marley Spoon has developed, and found considerable demand for, a service that provides healthy ingredients and recipes for those who have some time to prepare a meal, but might need some guidance in the process.

The service works by allowing users to select from a list of recipes, which they receive in email form 10 days prior to delivery day, and then choose the size of the meal (two-person or family box), how many meals per weeks (2-4), and the delivery location. And orders can be arranged up to 7 weeks in advance, with users able to cancel at least 5 days prior to delivery.

The orders themselves include pre-measured ingredients, which are selected with the assistance of an in-house nutritionist and which arrive in a chilled box. According to the company, cooking the meals takes less than 40 minutes and a 6-step guide is provided, to take the would-be chefs through the process.

Prices for the meals vary, depending on how people you intend to feed and how many meals are ordered. For the two-person box, prices range from $48-76, while the prices for the family box range from $76-139.20.

And now, the company has made headlines with a partnership with Martha Stewart, the well-known lifestyle guru, to offer her recipes and ingredients.

Marley Spoon was founded in 2014, but they have experienced explosive growth, already claiming “millions” of sales, which it has achieved by expanding into the United States, as well as 6 other markets. And it is perhaps, not surprising that the startup has expanded at such a rapid rate, as they have pulled in $33 million in funding.

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