Oberlo simplifies process of creating your own online store

oberloDropshipping, which is the practice of opening up an online store and selling products, without ever seeing the product yourself, may have made it possible for basically anyone to build and operate their own business. But getting started is not necessarily simple. Thus, Lithuanian startup Oberlo has unveiled their solution, unveiling a platform through which people can purchase products, whether we are talking about electronics, clothing, toys, beauty products, or whatever it is, from online retailer AliExpress and then move them on to their own customers.

Some of the highlights of this platform are the ability to group and price items in bulk, the ability to edit titles and details, the ability to import the items with the fastest delivery times, inventory and price auto-updates, and more. And, the platform automates product and order-management, enabling to users to stay focused on building the business.

Many of the startups that we cover, regardless of market, will offer some free plan, as well as paid options, for those who need it. Oberlo has opted for an all-paid model, however, charging between $14.90 and $79.90, with options differing in terms of the number of products shipped and orders completed per month, as well as shipment-tracking and access for multiple users. .

Oberlo has not been around long, having launched in September 2015 as a project created by a group of long-time colleagues. What is notable about Oberlo is that they have been able to facilitate the creation of 3,000 active stores, while not taking an external funding. Through those stores, users have generated $10 million in sales. The startup intends to roll out its own supplier database by the end of the summer and to add American and European suppliers in the near future, as they currently only work with AliExpress.

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