Zavento will help you find the perfect spot for your next meeting


The idea of a platform for booking rooms for various occasions, many not seem particularly novel, but Russia remains a relative new space for startups and Zavento has been able to capture market-share here.

The idea behind Zavento is that clients who seek a meeting room can visit the website, select certain criteria and then book. I was able to test out the service and found that, while searching for an event-room in Moscow, I received dozens of listings. From there, users can narrow them down by presentation (screens, podiums, projectors, DVD player, TV, pointer, whiteboard, and quite a few more options), sound, telecommunications, and “other” (like tech support, notepads and pens, and navigation signs). They can also search for rooms by capacity, type of room-arrangement, the quality of hotel (number of stars), the size of the hotel, budget, food and beverages, and more. I was impressed with the number of filters available, even if the number of listings is still somewhat limited.

Zavento says that they launched in December and, while they did not provide a specific user figure, they reported that they receive 10,000 visitors monthly to their website. The startup also declined to go into detail regarding external funding, stating simply that they have picked up backing from investment funds and angels.

Zavento has already opened an office, with a sales and marketing team, in Germany, which provides an indication of where they see their startup expanding. But, as a Russian startup, they are, unsurprisingly, also very interested in setting up throughout the CIS (former Soviet republics). And then, on the business side, they are looking to help hotels manage bookings of event-spaces, order, preference-lists, etc. Their clients are B2B and they would like to create corporate-focused accounts (with managers approve budgets for upcoming events).

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