ScriptBook is a platform that can analyze the script and project the film’s box-office success

ScriptBookAs much as moviegoers would like for film producers to consistently churn out completely original content, they must remain conscientious of their bottom-line, like any other business owner. Belgium startup ScriptBook believes that they have developed a system that will offer insights into which movies may be headed for success and which may end up flopping.

The platform that they have created allows producers to manage a portfolio of films and uses an algorithm to determine the likely success of a project, based on nothing more than a script. Having read the script, the system is capable of identifying the main character, the quality of the dialog, and the parts of that “work” and those that do not. And then, the system produces a detailed analysis and financial forecast.

ScriptBook has decided on a monetization strategy based on a per-script fee for indie producers or smaller clients, while charging studios and film-financiers an annual subscription fee.

CEO Nadira Azermai told me that the startup is based out of Antwerp, Belgium, but has recently made a move into the American market (understandably), as they have opened an office in New York and intends to open one in Los Angeles by the end of the year. Azermai added that they have been developing the platform for a year, with the launch coming at the Berlin Film Festival in February. Although she did not provide a specific user-figure, she did say that they are currently running paid pilot programs with “a few” distributors and production companies.

In terms of external financial support, she declined to reveal how much funding they have obtained (a Belgian news-site reports that it totaled 1 million Euro), but she would say that the company is backed by serial-entrepreneur Michel Akkermans and PMV, which invests in promising businesses in the Flanders region.

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