Woo allows employees in tech industry to anonymously explore job opportunities

wpp-job-seekrFor a lot of people, getting a job can be challenging enough as it is. But, even once you have found a solid position, you may find yourself wondering what sort of opportunities are still out there. It is that crowd that is targeted by Woo, an American-Israeli company that helps tech workers to explore their options.

One of the highlights of this service is that the research is conducted anonymously, with the service cloaking your name and contact info, as well as going so far as to change your education and work history to something more generic. Essentially, Woo allows users to find out just how in-demand they are within the tech industry, exploring possibilities such as better compensation, relocation, the opportunity to work with new technologies. If a particular company is interested, and they work with a group that includes Yahoo!, Microsoft, Wix, Quora, AOL, and many more, they can make an offer based on the user’s skillset and history. From there, users have the option of exploring an opportunity further, which would entail revealing their identity, or simply passing.

For the time being, the startup tells me that they generate revenue through charging companies for successful hires, but they are open to other models in the future. But, they promise that the service will always be free for end-users to use.

A representative from Woo tells me that they launched in February 2016 and currently have about 10,000 users between the United States and Israel, while also operating in the United Kingdom and Germany. They have picked up $4.35 million from Fritz Lanman, Hank Vigil, Lord David Alliance, and IGP, led by Moshe Lichtman. With this funding, they are looking to increase their presence in the United States and globally by expanding into more cities, as well as a expanding their service to include other professions.

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