Collectivio prepares to unveil platform for group-purchases on large-scale items

collectivioWhen it comes to people combining their collective purchasing power to get a better rate on items that you want to purchase, Groupon is probably the first name that comes to mind. But Swedish startup Collectivio, which is in the process of launching a service through which people can access deals on large-scale items, hopes to attain similar name-recognition.

Although we are not yet able to actually access the service and try it out, we know that the basic idea here is to provide a platform through which people can find better deals on things like mortgages, insurance, electricity, and phone plans. Users get started by providing a bit of financial information and are then presented with a list of offers from which they can choose.

The service is free for individuals, as the startup has opted for a monetization strategy that includes charging companies with whom they partner. No word on how much they intend to charge, however.

Collectvio is not quite ready to go live, as founder Dusan Cvjetkovic tells me that they are currently in the beta stage in Gothenberg, Sweden and intend to officially launch next year. Cvjetkovic declined to reveal exactly how many people are using the service, stating only that the figure increases daily. The company is focusing exclusively on Sweden at the moment, but, like many other startups, they are ultimately hoping to become a global brand.

In terms of funding, Cvjetkovic revealed that their first investor is serial entrepreneur Patrik Wigton, who been involved in starting companies like Jetshop, Jobtip, G-Lab21, and Jobline (which was sold to for 1.2 billion Swedish kroner (approximately $145 million) in 2001) and who has also taken over as the chairman of the startup. According to Swedish tech site Digital, the investment is valued at around $241,000.

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