Aitokaiku takes data from smartphone sensors and uses it to create unique, shareable music

AitokaikuWhen we typically profile a startup, the founders of the business either developed the product or service recently, sometimes within the past couple of years or even the past few months. However, in the case of Berlin-based startup Aitokaiku, which allows smartphone users to create their own music, the technology has been 7 years in the making, evolving from bulky hardware devices to an app that anyone can download. And now, they are almost ready for the big reveal.

The basic concept behind Aitokaiku is this: If you have a smartphone, you can use it, through soon-to-be-released apps for iOS and Android taking data from the device’s microphone, light sensor, and various motion sensors, to create unique music, which can then be freely shared with friends, played as background music in a store or restaurant, or used however the listener chooses. The startup says that the sensor data used is never transferred off of the host device, which also means that the music cannot be recorded, and that, when music is shared through Facebook, only music data is transferred.

A representative from Aitokaiku tells me me that they do not intend to initially monetize the app, but will eventually unveil a “theme” shop, where users can purchase themes (or download them for free, in some cases) that bands, DJs, and music producers have created. Essentially, the startup says that they create sheet music with the data and that the themes allow users to determine how the piece will sound (such as the type of instruments used).

In terms of users, the startup declined to reveal an exact figure, would say that VisitFinland is their first client.  Aitukaiko also declined to reveal how much funding they have taken in, but did tell me that the startup’s CEO, Jarno Eerola, is actually a serial entrepreneur, as well as a house DJ, who did 2 exits in Finland and built a network there.

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