TalentAdore to launch job-search platform with a focus on feedback from employers

talentadoreJust about anybody who has been unemployed for a significant period of time and has repeatedly applied for positions has likely learned that, not only can it be discouraging to be confronted with constant rejection, but that it can be particularly irritating to never hear back from the company or organization at all, leaving the applicant to wonder if they are still be considered for the position or about what they might have done differently, in order to land the job. Enter Finnish startup TalentAdore, which is tossing their hat in the ring with a job-hunting site that seeks to solve the issue by offering jobseekers a platform through which they can either find that ideal position or, at the least, receive some sort of feedback regarding changes that they can make for the rest of their search.

The basic concept here is that recruiters can offer feedback to candidates in just 10 seconds, thanks to a natural-language-processing algorithm translates user input from the user interface. TalentAdore has launched their feedback tool, which can be found here, which allows companies to reach out to potential candiates. But they are also developing a tool that allows candidates to request feedback from employers and that is expected to go live in “spring 2016.

The startup has opted for a subscription-based monetization strategy, charging a monthly fee.

They have declined to reveal exactly how many users they have at this point, but would say that they have “users from a number of major companies and SMEs” and that “most of these companies have multiple recruiters who use our solution, typically 10+ per company”.

In terms of funding, TalentAdore told me that they have secured a round valued at “slightly less than 1 million Euro” from a group that includes undisclosed angel investors, institutional investors, accelerators, and government agencies.

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