Snips unveils privacy-focused AI to let you access various services with a simple search


While smartphones have made it so that we have instant access to a host of information, such as appointments, maps, restaurant reviews, email, and other services, you typically have to retrieve it from several different apps. French startup Snips has just rolled out their solution to the issue with an AI platform that will connect and provide data when you need it.

The basic idea behind the Snips app, which is currently available for iOS, is that you can connect various services, such as your email client, calendar, contacts, location etc. and it will draw connections, learning and retrieving everything from lost phone numbers to hotel reservations. The information is searchable, allowing users to type in a location or contact’s name and bring up relevant apps and information. And then, users can later access a timeline of their days, so that they can recall where they were at a particular movement. And, as privacy is important to most people, the startup states that the data will remain on the phone, accessible only by that user. Going forward, the company intends to build the AI to the point that it can understand natural language, so that users will be able to ask it complete tasks. There is no word at the moment regarding monetization.

Building an AI is hardly a simple task and, in the case of Snips, the process started back in 2013. The release is limited at the moment, with 4,794 out of 10,000 spots having been taken. Snips reports that they have completed a seed round worth $6.3 million, led by The Hive and including participation from Eniac Ventures, 500 Startups, Brent Hoberman, Xavier Niel, and BpiFrance. They have used the funding to build a pretty diverse team, made up of 39 people from 15 different countries, 30% of whom hold pHDs.

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