Deemly wants to aggregate your reviews from across “sharing-economy” and other platforms

DeemlyWhen it comes to selling items on Amazon or eBay, renting out a space through Airbnb, or selling your services through some other platform, one of the most critical tools for evaluating users online is the reviews and ratings that customers leave. However, while this system works well enough, users of a particular platform may not be aware of another user’s ratings on other platform. These other ratings may not always be relevant to a particular transaction, but, for those who would like a more complete picture of the people you deal with, Danish startup Deemly wants to help.

The platform allows users to setup a profile with one click, to connect their accounts on various other platforms, and then share, as necessary. The score is not simply an average of the person’s various ratings however, but is calculated (with the help of a statistician) through an algorithm, which gives more weight to input such as newer scores to churn out a score that falls between 1-100. The startup also says that they work, as far as it is possible, to verify the social-media accounts belonging to their users. Going forward, Deemly hopes that their service will be used not only for connecting with users through Airbnb, Uber, and other platforms, but also in processes such as submitting a job-application and obtaining a loan.

Deemly is still working out their monetization model, but tells me that they currently believe that it will include annual subscription fees. There is no word yet on how much it will cost to use the platform, however.

Deemly is launching the beta version of their service in June (eyeing a full launch in October), so it is pretty early to be talking about user figures. The startup was also reluctant to go into detail about their funding, but would tell me that they have obtained backing from Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation (SDTI).

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