HIMYNAMEIS hopes to pull in singles with a dating app that allows for video introduction

himynameis_teamWhen it comes to dating apps and services, there may be differences in the general concept, but the basic setup typically involves profiles that includes a photo and biography. It is useful, but might not be the best means for showing off the user’s personality. To solve that issue, a Swedish team has created HIMYNAMEIS, a platform that incorporates video to help with introductions.

Unsurprisingly for a dating app, HIMYNAMEIS has decided to follow the approach that Tinder has made popular, allowing users to view profiles (including a photo, the user’s age and location, the time at which the user was on the service, and a short bio) and to swipe through them. But what is interesting here is that they not only allow users to offer video introductions, but that they use hashtags, to help users to find others with common interests. And the startup says that they use phone-verification, in order to ensure that the other users that you encounter on the platform are genuine.

The iOS app that HIMYNAMEIS has developed has been warmly received, currently boasting a rating of 4.5 stars (out of 5) from 65 reviewers. An Android version is currently in the works.

The basic platform is free (and always will be, according to co-founder Olle Morin from the company), but they are considering introducing premium features and video ads, if the service gains enough traction.

HIMYNAMEIS launched just 2 weeks ago (and only in Sweden) and claims about 1,000 downloads at this point. The company’s 2 co-founders have thus far funded the project themselves, but plan to soon seek out investors, and are currently in the process of testing their proof-of-concept. Once they get settled, the startup intends to follow in the many of numerous others and attempt to take their concept global.

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