Decidz unveils platform for easily arranging meetings with your contacts

decidzIt is pretty rare for us to cover startups out of Scotland, but today is one such instance, as recently-launched Decidz moves to enter the market for services that allow people to organize gatherings with their friends and family.

Various aspects of this service will likely feel familiar to those have used other social-networking platforms, as users are able to propose events or gatherings to friends and then communicate as the details are nailed down. The platform allows users to propose an idea, a location, and time, with everyone in the group then voting on the locations and times that they prefer. One of the aspects that I like about this platform is that they are mobile and web-accessible at launch, having already developed apps for iOS and Android. What is interesting is that they declare plans in their app pages, revealing that they are working to translate the service into various services and roll out an intelligent chat service, dynamic suggestions, “additional social-media features, and more.

Decidz tells me that they are not worried about monetization for the moment, preferring instead to concentrate on building up their userbase. External funding sometimes helps startups to put off generating revenue for awhile and, in this case, the company reports that they have pulled in an undisclosed amount from “U.K. and international investors”, including the 3 co-founders of Skyscanner.

Decidz was founded back in July 2015, but only went live within the past couple of days, so it is a bit premature to talk about traction. The startup reports that they are planning to use Edinburgh Festivals, a culture festival that draws several million visitors, in August as a way to really boost their growth.

For the time being, the Decidz team includes 10 people and is based at Code Base, an incubator in Edinburgh. The startup intends to target the United Kingdom initially, but, likely many startups, they have much bigger plans are already planning a rollout to Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

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