Timescenary streamlines the trip-organization process

TimescenaryThe internet has made it incredibly easy to book a trip or tours for any number of locations, but, regardless of where you are headed, you are likely going to end up spending a good amount of time on various websites, planning and arranging everything. Russian startup Timescenary looks to streamline the process of making the reservations with a one-stop site.

Clicking through to the platform, I found that there are a couple of different options for building your trip. The first is by selecting from a host of pre-arranged trips (from 1-9 days) in places like Amsterdam, London, Helsinki, Rome, Cape Town, Bangkok, Frankfurt, Tallinn, and various spots in Russia. Within this section, you can narrow down trips based on the distance that you would have to travel (on foot), the number of days, and number of overnight locations.

But, if you would prefer to create your own trip, you can can access information on a range of stores, attractions, restaurants, and other spots. And, within each category, you will find dozens of sub-categories, to help you narrow your search down to what you really want to do or see. Here, you can also filter locations by price.

And, regardless of the trip that you choose, they offer a section called “Time Designer”, which allows users to keep track of their timeline, down to the hour.

The site is visually appealing, but if there is one downside, it is that essentially everything is in Russian, even though they ostensibly cater to Russian and English-language users. I imagine that the English-language section will be put into English at some point, however.

To generate revenue, the Timescenary has opted for a commission-based model, taking a cut from partners whenever they process a booking.

The company only recently launched, so it is a bit earlier to discuss user figures. In terms of funding, the startup recently reported that a Russian investment company (AMC RIO) has acquired a 15% stake, at a valuation of $4 million. Going forward, they are looking to offer access to guided tours, the ability to avoids queues at museums, to order transfers and taxis, to order tickets to theaters, book dinner at a restaurant, and more.

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