Cloud-communications company Nexmo announces partnership with Deutsche Telekom

Deutche-TelekomCloud-communications startup Nexmo has announced that they have entered into a partnership with Deutsche Telekom ICSS, a deal that is designed to “further increase delivery quality for mission-critical, application-to-person (A2P) messaging to the Deutsche Telekom Group footprint in Europe and beyond”. Nexmo’s area of focus is in developing APIs and SDKs for voice, messaging, and phone verification services. This latest agreement will offer them access to Deutsche Telekom’s “SMS+ Transit” platform, which will allow Nexmo expand its network of direct carrier communications.

The San Francisco-based Nexmo, which was founded back in 2010 and currently claims 350 enterprise customers, has closed several funding rounds, totaling at least $21.83 million, from a group of backers that includes BYU Cougar Capital, Initial Capital, Intel Capital, NHN Investment, Sorenson Capital, and Telestra Ventures.

Just last week, the company was acquired by Vonage Holdings Corporation for a reported $230 million. As part of that team, the entire 170-member Nexmo team is joining Nexmo, a Vonage company.

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