Golod says that they will deliver you a healthy, complete meal within 8 minutes

golodRussian startup Golod, meaning “hunger” in Russian, is hardly the first company to offer a food-delivery service, but they have nonetheless found considerable demand within this market, telling me that, just a month after launching, they have achieved more than 10,000 users and take in 100-500 orders per day.

Visiting the startup’s website, you will find a menu, explanation of how it works, and a map of their current delivery map. The meals are designed to be healthy and “complete”, including a main dish (chicken or cod and rice, as of last Friday), a soup, a salad, compote (a dessert), and a bun. Both meals cost 350 rubles (about $5.35), while delivery will set you back 72 rubles (about $0.72).

One of the main selling points for Golod is that they not only deliver that meal you crave, but that they can do it only 8 minutes. The startup tells me that, as they have the software and couriers and the restaurants with which they partner have the kitchens, they have been able to work out the logistics behind this ultra-quick-delivery concept.

Golod has released an app for iOS, which maintains a rating of 3.5 stars (out of 5) from 32 reviewers, and says that an app for Android is under development.

Co-founder Timurmalik Elmuradov tells me that the founders were able to get the business off the ground with 2 million rubles (about $31,000) and that, earlier this month, they picked up $50,000, at a valuation of $250,000, which they intend to use to expand within Russia. And they are not finished, as Elmuradov tells me that they are planning to close a larger round this summer. With regards to expansion in Russia, Golod is eying neighboring Belarus and Ukraine, as well as England and Singapore.

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