FlipFlic automates your blinds

FlipFlicWhen you think of the “smart” home, what probably comes to mind is your television, refrigerator, lights, door-locks, washing machine, or some other device. Automated blinds may not be at the top of the list, but Estonian startup FlipFlic hopes to change that. We have covered them before, but they have continued to work on their product and are ready to roll out their redesigned product.

The package that they are offering includes a small solar panel (which uses magnets to attach to the window), a small “FlipFlic” (to replace the tilting wand), and a smartphone app (iOS-only for the moment, but coming to Android). The system, which works with both horizontal and vertical blinds, can be integrated into a variety of smart home systems through Bluetooth or ZigBee, with the full list of systems available on their website.

One of the most appealing aspects about this system that they have created is that, not only can you use your smartphone to adjust the blinds with a couple of clicks on your smartphone, but also that it is automated and can be set to open or close the blinds when sensors note a particular temperature or to change at scheduled times. Though the app, users can also group devices (whether they are in the bedroom, kitchen, etc.) together.

FlipFlic’s Kickstarter campaign is ongoing, but they have already jumped past their goal of $50,000, taking in more than $78,000 from 509 backers, with another 18 days until the deadline. The startup earlier obtained pre-seed funding from the Estonian Buildit.ee accelerator, which focuses on hardware startups, in September 2014 and the Highway1.io accelerator, located in the United States, in August 2015. They also obtained an undisclosed amount from angels in June 2015.

At the moment, the cheapest package, which includes 1 solar panel, 1 FlipFlic, and 1 micro USB cable, will set you back $85. According to the project’s timeline, those who order one through Kickstarter can likely expect to receive it in January 2017.

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