GOOT will deliver you alcohol within an hour

Goot-alcoholLike anywhere else, finding quality alcohol in France involves nothing more than heading on down to the local shop. But, for those who would like a nice bottle of wine, beer, or spirit and do not have the time to go out and buy it, GOOT will deliver it to you within an hour.

To get a feel for the platform, I checked out the Paris section and found that you can filter through wines, beers, spirits, soft-drinks, and “other” items (creams and cider) by location, price, type, and store. If you are ordering a bottle of wine, you can also filter down by the type of meal or event with which the drink pairs.

GOOT has rolled out apps for Android and iOS and they have been well-received, with the former maintaining a rating of 4.1 stars (out of 5) from 47 reviewers and the latter claiming a rating of 4 stars (out of 5) from 81 reviewers.

Like many marketplaces, GOOT has opted for a commission-based revenue model, taking a small cut of each transaction. They also charge merchants a monthly fee for access to the platform.

GOOT has found a healthy amount of demand for their platform, telling me that they have picked up 40K users (more, if you consider that they offer their API to other local websites), as well as partnered with 160 retailers since they launched in June 2015. At the moment, the startup serves customers in Bordeaux (their original market), Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, and, within a few months, other cities in France. In addition to expanding into new markets, GOOT intends to roll out a new plug-in for merchants, designed to allow them to better monitor their inventory.

In terms of financial backing, GOOT tells me that they have obtained 500K Euro from a group that includes industry investors, a beverage wholesaler, a producer, and BPI.

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