Tespack is helping you to keep your mobile devices powered-up on outdoor getaways

TesPack1For many of us, our mobile devices have become indispensable. Whether it is a phone, tablet, laptop, or whatever, we need it nearby at all times. Typically, you will simply charge it up at home or work, but, for those times that you do not have an electrical outlet readily available, Finnish startup Tespack believes that they have a solution.

Tespack offers a set of devices, which are basically black (or silver) ovals, that range from handheld tools to hiking sacks, and include is a solar panel that enables users to harness the power of the sun to charge up their devices or, if that is not possible, to use a USB portal. In order to further cater to the outdoors crowd, the package for their smallest device, which they claim is dustproof, shockproof, and water-resistant, includes a carbiner hook, as well as a micro USB cable.

In addition to solar-powered chargers, Tespack offers a pair of handheld, mobile power stations. Unlike the other devices, both of these devices are rectangular in shape.

In terms of powering the charger itself, it depends on the type that you are using. Powering the charger through the USB portal can take 5 hours (for the larger chargers), while using solar power can take 13)

Tespack currently offers 10 devices in their shop, with prices ranging from 49.90 Euro for a mini-charger to 459 Euro for a trekking bag. Clicking on a particular charger reveals general information about this device and how it looks, but what I like is that they provide specific information about how many times it can recharge a device, whether it is a tablet, mp3 player, DSLR camera, etc.

Tespack, which was founded in 2013, reported last year that they have picked up 15K Euro in a seed fund that included participation from Startupbootcamp and Startupbootcamp Smart City & Living Amsterdam.

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