Trax & Wax rolls out subscription-based platform for ordering vinyl records

TraxWaxWhether you get your music from Pandora, Spotify, Google or Apple Music, YouTube, or some other route, accessing your favorite tunes has never been more simple. But, even with modern services, there has been an unexpected and curious boom in the number of people, particularly among the younger set, who have turned to vinyl for their music fix. Now, French startup Trax & Wax looks to cash in on the resurgence of this medium with a subscription-based service for vinyl records. 

Trax & Wax does not offer access to just any music, however, but is billing itself as the first subscription-based service offering vinyl records of modern, hit dance music. To start, the service is offering records from 4 different boxes, including the Trax & Wax box, the Disco box, the Old School box, and the Nu School box. The tracks included in the boxes are changed on a monthly basis, but they offer a SoundCloud tracklist for each record, so you know exactly what you are getting. Trax & Wax ships their orders out all at once and, one of the things that I like about this service is that they have a counter to let you know (to the second) when they are next planning to send out the boxes.

Pricing for the service is flexible, depending on how many records you order (2 or 4 per box) and whether you opt to pay monthly or 6 months in advance, which comes with a discount. Ordering 2 records per month will set you back 19.90 pounds, while paying 6 months in advance will cost 110 pounds. Paying monthly for 4 records costs 31.90 pounds, while the 6-month plan costs 180 pounds.

Trax & Wax tells me that they have picked up 70 subscribers since launching a couple of weeks ago. The startup, which is self-funded, is currently focusing on adding new genres to their catalog and unveil a new online store in June, which will enable customers to purchase a single record.

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