Backed by Leonardo DiCaprio and billionaire Carlos Slim, Galaxia lets you create your own social network


When we profile startups, we are sure to indicate the type of funding that they have and where they have obtained it from, but I cannot say that we have previously covered a startup like Israeli company Galaxia, which claims an undisclosed amount of backing from Leonardo DiCaprio and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

Essentially, the idea behind this platform, which is available in English, Portuguese, and Russian, is that you can create your own public or private social-networks and, within the networks, users will find features similar to what they would find on other platforms, such as the ability to chat with others, share photos and videos, check-in, listen to music, and more. One of the ways that Galaxia stands apart from Facebook, however, is in that they allow users to pick their own usernames.

Galaxia is iOS-exclusive, but not for long, as they are planning to unveil a version for Android in the coming weeks. The platform has been well-received on iOS, currently maintaining a 4-star (out of 5) rating, but only 10 people have given it a rating thus far. Interestingly, however, their website appears to be very much a work-in-progress, as clicking on it reveals only the word “loading”.

The startup has opted to generate revenue through in-feed advertising, offering premium memberships (which removes the ads, offers unlimited private messaging, and offers access to VOD of live broadcasts that have ended), and in-app purchases, enabling users to partake in paid worlds created by community managers.

The company was a bit vague about how many users they have, revealing that the parent company behind the service, Mobli Media, has created and maintained social-networks that, collectively, have more than 20 million users and that “many” of those users (all users of the other networks were invited) have joined up and are using it.


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