Orderyoyo provides restaurants with customizable software platform

orderyoyoWhen it comes to operating basically any modern business, such as a restaurant, it is pretty crucial to maintain some sort of online presence, even if only to advertise to potential customers. Going live in summer 2015, Danish startup Orderyoyo has found a bit of success with a service that offers customized online platforms to restaurants, with the goal of helping them to lure in new customers and to keep them with discounts.

Orderyoyo has decided on a business model that includes taking a flat, 30 pound monthly fee from their customers. In exchange, they provide apps for Android and iOS, a web ordering-page, integrate with printer terminals, a payment system, and access to a client ordering portal. In addition this, the startup reports that they offer access to a support line, logo-creation tool, menu updates, and an advertising starter package for free.

Orderyoyo has mainly targeted the British and Danish markets thus far, claiming more 500 restaurants in the two countries (60 in the United Kingdom) as clients. And, with regards to end-users, tell me that they have received more than 12,500 orders through their system in February alone. At the moment, the startup reports that they are growing at about 30% month-over-month.

The startup currently boasts 33 employees and operates in the United Kingdom and Denmark, telling me that they are nearly at their desired level in Denmark and are focused on making sure over the next 2-3 months that their situation in the U.K. is strong, before moving on to Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Turkey.

Orderyoyo has not revealed how much external funding they have pulled in, but what we have learned is that they are preparing for a second round with SEED Capital, who originally back them in April 2015, as well as speaking with other Danish and international VCs.

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