ResQ helps restaurants (in Finland) sell food that would otherwise have gone to waste

resq_wasteAs we have seen in recent weeks, one of the emerging trends among food startups is connecting people looking for a deal with restaurants that have food that they are preparing to toss out. Now, we are taking a look at ResQ, a Finnish startup that has sprung up in the past few months with the aim of doing their part to cut down on food waste.

As indicated, the concept here is pretty simple, with restaurants sending out notifications whenever they have extra food left over. The platform appears pretty simple, as it integrates with Google Maps and indicates the restaurants currently looking to offload food and meals that they are making available. Clicking on the the tab for a particular restaurant reveals a location, website, and description of the place, as well as allows users to add to a list of favorites. Once you have found a meals that seems appealing, you can buy it through the app (iOS-only) and then come to the restaurant at closing-time to pick it up.

Like many startups facilitating transactions, they have opted for a revenue model that includes taking a commission on each sale.

ResQ has not been around long, having begun with a pilot program and then launched in late January in Helsinki, followed by a couple of other Finnish cities in early March. Although the company is pretty young, they have already attained a nice bit of traction, reaching about 11,000 registered users and 60 providers at the moment (with the provider figure growing by about 1-2 daily).

For the time being, the startup is completely owned by the founders and employees, but they have a bank loan and a small convertible note owned by a “fresh” Finnish VC (more about this will be disclosed later, I am told). They are in the process of closing a funding round, but did not go into detail. The company declined to go into detail regarding their plans, either, telling me simply that there will be news in April or May.

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