Frichti delivers homemade, nutritious meals across Paris

frichtiWhen we think of food-delivery services, you probably do not immediately think of homemade, quality meals. But French startup Frichti offers just that, providing quick, tasty-looking options to the Parisian market.

Visiting their website, which is currently solely in French, you find that it is possible to build a meal, adding entrees, dishes, other items (ham, roast beef, cheese, etc.), chocolate, drinks (water, Coke, juice, etc.), beer, and wine. Or, if you do not wish to go through the trouble of picking out items, they offer pre-arranged lunch meals (veggie or “regular”), which will run you 11 (veggie) or 14 Euro. It is worth noting, as I discovered while indicating a location and delivery-time, that some items run out during the day and they indicate as much on their website.

In terms of delivery, I am told that customers have the option of ordering “express” (40 minutes or less) or through the regular route, by which the driver makes several deliveries in one trip. And then, customers have the option of paying by card online or giving cash to the deliveryman.

What is notable about this service is that they change up the menu on a daily basis, with the recipes being “season-appropriate”, so to speak. All told, a full meal will set you back about 12 Euro.

They are in the Paris market for the moment, but the startup tells me that they are planning to expand elsewhere within France and internationally. However, their plans are not yet set in stone.

The startup launched in June 2015, but has declined to reveal exactly how many users they have, stating only that they have “several hundred”. They are more open about how much funding they have raised, telling me that they have raised 12 million Euro from a group of angels, Idinvest, and Alven Capital, the last of which was the first investor in the startup.

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