Mutum provides platform for renting out your unused items

mutumMany items we buy end up sitting unused for long stretches of time. French startup Mutum has taken aim at the issue with a platform that allows people to lend out items that they are not currently using.

Upon signing-up, I found that you are presented with a dashboard that allows you to keep track of the items that you are lending, as well as setup your profile and check your status (you can level-up, like in a video game). Doing a quick search, I found that you can filter listings down by location (distance from you), type, and age of the item. The profile for each item includes a price (but they do not use money) and location.

Clicking on a profile, I found that there is a calendar that indicates the dates for which the item can be rented, as well as information on its condition, age, and possible guarantees. And, within the profile for the item, you can click on the lender’s profile, which lists their rating, items that they have made available, location, status-level, and reviews.

The startup has monetized the service by creating a point system through which users earn “mutums” by registering, posting items, and lending. If they do not have enough mutums to rent out objects, they can simply buy some.

Mutum declined to reveal how many users they have picked up since launching in October 2014, but revealed that they have taken in 1 million Euro in funding from French insurance company La Maif in July 2015, money that they intend to put towards continuing to develop the service and towards expansion in Europe next year.

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