Julie Desk unveils automated personal-assistant platform

JulieDeskFrench startup Julie Desk has just unveiled a digital personal assistant with the same name which essentially is a platform that can automatically schedule appointments on the user’s behalf, either using parameters provided or by studying the user’s activity. Getting started involves including “Julie Desk” in emails (referring to “her” as your personal assistant, if you’d like) and then asking the service to arrange the meeting (I’ve explained it decently, but be sure to check out their site for the full details). If necessary, it can also cancel or postpone meetings, upon request. And then, the platform can add information, such as flight or train tickets, event invites, and other information to the user’s calendar, including adding other users.

Full information on pricing is available here, but what is important to know is that the main differences between the 3 plans offered, which start at 49,99 Euro/month, is that the more expensive packages allow users to include multiple accounts, remove the Julie Desk branding, access internal-meeting support, access phone support, and obtain multiple licenses.

Julie Desk has declined to reveal a specific user-figure, but does report that they have picked up “several hundred” clients, ranging from major companies to self-employed workers, who have been scheduling 5,000+ meetings per month since the startup launched in 2015.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the startup revealed that they have pulled in 600,000 Euro in funding from SIDE Capital, which they intend to put towards hiring programmers and data-scientists, as well as continuing to build out their sales and marketing teams.

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