YouShould helps you book a private space for you and your buddies at the local bar

youshouldFor most people, being surrounded by strangers at the bar is not particularly annoying and is perhaps even part of the appeal of patronizing such a place. But for those who may be looking for a more private space for you and your buddies to hang out, French startup YouShould has unveiled a platform worth checking out.

In order to get a feel for the platform, I did a search for a bar in London for 10 guests (although you can look for seating for up to 300) and found that you are presented with a map and list of possible locations, which can be filtered down by various amenities and features relating to the bar. Clicking on a profile reveals information on the atmosphere at the restaurant, booking options, type of music and dancing available, prices, the average age of patrons, and a schedule. Each profile also lists a deal that YouShould has arranged for those who book through their platform. It is worth noting that, even on the London-focused version of the site, much of the site remains in French.

YouShould has launched on Android, where it maintains a rating of 4.3 stars from 35 reviewers, and on iOS, where 18 reviewers have combined to give it a 5-star rating.  

Like many marketplaces, YouShould has opted for a commission-based revenue model, taking 2 pounds from everyone who uses the platform.

YouShould launched within the past year and reports that 150,000 have partied in spaces that have been organized through the service. YouShould has focused on the French and Belgian markets to this point, operating in cities like Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Strasboug, Nantes, Toulouse, Rennes, Grenoble, and Brussels, but they have just recently picked up $550,000 (following the $180,000 that they raised early last year) to fuel expansion into London. The startup reports that their monetary backing comes from Kima Ventures, TheFamily, and Seier Capital.

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