Social Seeder wants to organize the process of recommending products and services

socialseederSocial networks did not introduce the concept of  spreading a common message to a range of users via closed networks (friends, family, business associates, or whatever), but they made it simple. Now, Belgium startup Social Seeder wants to formalize the process with a platform that allows organizations and businesses to activate “ambassadors”, as needed.

The platform that Social Seeder has created automatically identifies ambassadors and allows users to create campaigns, activating their ambassadors and having them spread a particular message. And then, the platform offers data that can ostensibly aid in future campaigns. What is interesting is that the startup tells me that they do not advise clients to pay or reward ambassadors for their time and effort, finding that it actually encourages participation. But, the startup tells me that they do offer clients a way to reward their ambassadors, if they so choose. Indeed, the companies tells me that about 50% of their clients choose to “gamify” their campaigns, offering ambassadors chocolate, flowers, or even just a “thank you” note.

Social Seeder has opted for a license-based monetization strategy, with 3 plans that differ based on the needs (number of users and logins) that the client requires. They do not list their prices, however, but instead ask that interested users contact them for details.

At this point, Social Seeder reports that 150 organizations and companies have used the service since they launched in 2014, with roughly 70 currently counted as “very active” users. As the co-founders are 4 Belgian investors, they have been able to fund their own business, to the tune of about 500,000 Euro. Social Seeder has already gone international, but, like many startups, they are planning to expand their global presence, beginning with Europe and moving out from there.

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