MoveBubble is looking to improve your apartment viewing and renting experience

MoveBubbleBritish startup MoveBubble may be somewhat late to the apartment-renting game, but hopes that prospective renters in London (and potentially other cities) will take to an a platform that allows you to easily book and leave feedback on their viewing experience.

The idea here is that you want to move to an apartment in London and do not have the time or patience to arrange bookings, so you can check out profiles and book intriguing options in a just two taps. And then, having viewed the property, users can give it a rating, as well as leave feedback, partly on the apartment, but mainly on the agent handling the viewing.

What is interesting about this app, available for Android and iOS, is that they do not present a list of every place out, but instead offer a curated list of more than 10,000 options. In addition to provide apartment listings, MoveBubble also offers guides to various neighborhoods, helpful if you are trying to get a feel for the type of people who may end up being your neighbors. The startup has also announced that they are planning to unveil a feature this year that will enable prospective renters to go ahead and agree to a lease through their phone.

MoveBubble only launched a few months ago, going live at TechCrunch Disrupt in December 2015. The company tells me that they have picked up 7,000 users since launch, but also that they doubled their total users in February.

The startup pulled in 1.1 million pounds in their latest round, from a few angels, bringing total funding to 2.36 million pounds. In addition to allowing them to focus on growing the business, it has allowed them to avoid monetizing their platform for the time being. The service is currently only available in London, but they are exploring expansion options, including other cities and countries.

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