Goboony simplifies the process of renting out your motorhome

goboonyOne of the downsides of owning a motorhome is that you may end up shelling out a bunch of money for something that you do not frequently use. Dutch startup Goboony believes that they have a solution with a platform that allows motorhome-owners to rent out their ride when not in use.

I did a sample search to get a feel for the platform, but found that many countries currently served (a handful in central/southern Europe, as well as the United States, and New Zealand) list only one or two motorhomes at the moment. The most popular country is, unsurprisingly, the Netherlands, where I found 133 listings for the period requested.

Having done a basic search, I found that you have the option of filtering listings down by a particular location, as well as applying a radius. Listings can be further filtered down by price, amenities (vehicle and camper, separately), first registration, number of sleeping spots, vehicle type, “house rules” (smoking and/or pets), fuel type, transmission, breakdown service, replacement vehicle, “going abroad” (whether the vehicle can be taken internationally and whether wintersports are allowed), and cancellation policy. And then the listings can be sorted by popularity or distance, with a map available.

Like most other marketplaces, Goboony has opted to generate revenue through a service fee.

Goboony launched in April 2015 and says that they now offer access to more than 200 motorhomes. Last month, they picked up 350,000 Euro in seed funding a group that includes “a strategic partner and three informal investors”, which includes Ronald Zwartkruis, who is the founder and owner of www.parkyourcar.com. Along with the funding, the startup announced that they intend to expand beyond the Netherlands into the Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France, as well to jump into the aforementioned New Zealand, a country that holds a bit of sentimental value for the co-founders, as it is there that they met while traveling in a motorhome.

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