HelpTap assists you completing your daily to-do list, for a small fee

HelpTapThe rise of leading search engines has made it a breeze to find recipes, travel tips, and other services. But for those who may not have the time to complete all of your daily chores, and who are willing to pay a small fee to have somebody do it, American startup HelpTap may be what you are seeking.

The idea behind HelpTap is that users can pay a per-minute fee (ranging from $0.15-0.50) to have an online “helper” carry out a variety of tasks. In this case, the service appears particularly geared towards those who need assistance in writing content for blogs, managing email or social-media accounts, shopping, transcribing documents, data-processing, translating something, technical advice, and so forth. What I found when trying the service is that you get started by submitting a query.

Once you have done so, it is possible to click on a category and receive assistance from someone with expertise in that area. Within the chat-box, there is a timer, which enables the user to see how much time they have used, as well as to click to end the session.

And it offers an employment opportunity to those who may want to earn an extra bit of cash, as I found that joining the service allows users to add skills with which they can help others (particular emphasis on software-development and business-management) and start assisting.

Like other transaction-based startups, HelpTap has opted for a commission-based monetization model.

HelpTap went live in January and now claims nearly 1,000 users. Although they have not been in operation long, they have already expanded to serve more than 60 countries, primarily Europe and North America.

The startup has obtained funding, but declined to tell me who gave it or how much it is. And, with regards to their plans, would reveal only that they are aiming to become a leading skills, knowledge, and service platform.

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  1. Aakanksh Dabhade |

    Sounds great! When would it be available in India?


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