MyState helps you keep track of the availability of your contacts

MyStateCoolWhen I was growing up in the ‘90s, getting in contact with my friends to arrange a meeting, or just to chat, could sometimes be tricky, as we typically had to call and then wait for them to call back. While it has become quite simple these days to just leave a message (through email, SMS, or however), there can sometimes still be challenges when getting in touch with someone and Israeli startup MyState is looking to tackle the issue with a platform that keeps pretty detailed information on whether or not your contacts can be reached at the moment.

MyState allows users to keep track of the availability of their contacts (allows them to indicate whether they are available, unavailable, or available only by text, but also set a text “away message”), but what I like about this service is that they allow you to alert your friends to other connection issues, as well. That is to say that they indicate that contacts have their phone in vibrate or silent mode, are at low-battery levels, that they are in conversation already, has no internet connection, is charging, or is in another country. And then, other tabs allow you to access a dialer, a list of contacts, and a list of recent calls.

If you need to reach a particular individual, there is a “crunch” button, which notifies them that you wish to talk. And, as many now prefer the simplicity of messaging over a phone conversation, the service also enables users to connect with their friends via email, SMS, Whatsapp, and more.

The platform is free for Android and iOS for the time being, but they are planning to extend the service to businesses at some point.

MyState only launched at the end of January, but has absolutely taken off, with the startup reporting that they have passed the 500,000-download mark. They have also picked up a hefty amount of funding, claiming $6.5 million from a group of private American investors.

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