Dribble targets football fans with daily fantasy-sports platform

dribble_appGambling, particularly on sports, is hardly a new pursuit, as betting on games online and playing fantasy sports have gained significant popularity over the years. But, the concept of daily fantasy sports appears to be the latest trend in this market and British startup Dribble, which offers a football-specific platform, is hoping to cash in.

What is interesting about this startup is that they acknowledge that they drew inspiration from games like Words With Friends and QuizUp in creating an asynchronous, turn-based game. The idea here is that you find a friend or random opponent to play and then you take turns picking 5 players. Dribble offers the option of playing for money, but there is no obligation there and you can just play for fun. The app, which is currently only available on iOS, also allows users to build up their record and develop a “management career”, scoring points and leveling-up as they go.

Unsurprisingly for a service that facilitates transactions, Dribble has opted for a commission-based revenue model, taking 10% of the money wagered in head-to-head challenges.

Daily fantasy-sports services like DraftKings and FanDuel may have encountered problems in the United States, but Dribble has gone out of its way to assure users that they face no such legal obstacles in the United Kingdom, as they report having obtained a peer-to-peer gambling license. What is interesting, though, is that the startup says that they welcome the entry by DraftKings into the British market, as the team at Dribble believes that this can help raise awareness for daily fantasy-sports services.

The startup, which had a soft launch in August, currently reports having 25K users and says that they have obtained an undisclosed amount of funding from “top investors” in London, which they intend to use to expand their reach within the market, as well as increase the size of their team.

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