Beedeez offers platform for picking up knowledge in various topics while waiting for your train

beedeezGrowing up and going to school, it is easy to find yourself bored during classes, whether they involve history, science, technology, business, or whatever. You have no real choice in the matter, so you do the work and move on. If you are like me, however, you later wish that you would have taken it more seriously and made a more concerted effort to learn new information at this time. French startup Beedeez wants to help those who wish that they could learn, but might not necessarily have a lot of time to devote to it.

One of the highlights of this platform is that users can customize it to their wait, indicating how much time they have to burn and letting the service create lessons and quizzes. And there is a healthy variety, with 350 chapters and 600 quizzes available for categories like “science”, “culture”, “cuisine”, “sport”, “family”, “technology”, “business”, and more.

Beedeez has released apps for Android and iOS. Although we are talking about small sample sizes, the apps has been well-received on both platforms, maintaining a rating of 5 (out of 5) stars from 5 reviewers in the App Store, as well as a rating of 4.7 (out of 5) stars from 35 reviewers in the Google Play store. Beedeez was willing to tell me that they have picked up 3,000 B2C users, as well as “many more” B2B users since they launched in January 2015.

They have monetized the service for companies, but continue to allow individuals to use it for free. Business customers are charged on a per-user basis.

As part of its growth process, Beedeez joined the acceleration program at L’Accelerateur, which joined a group of undisclosed angels and private investors to provide the startup with 150K Euro. The startup declined to reveal too much about their plans, but would say that, if their KPI are okay, they intend to do another fundraising round this year.

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