BuffetGo wants to help restaurants unload food that would have otherwise gone to waste

BuffetGoIn recent weeks, we have profiled a few startups (Irish FoodCloud, French OptiMiam, and Danish YourLocal) that have taken various approaches to tackling food-waste. Now, we would like to introduce another Danish startup, BuffetGo, which aims to help restaurants to offload food that they would normally end up chucking in the trash. And this effort has not been in vain, as the startup reports that they have already saved 10,000kg worth of food.

The idea behind BuffetGo is that users can search for a particular ZIP code, in order to find participating restaurants, and then order online, accessing discounts of up to 90% (as little as 1 pound in the U.K.). Then, when the restaurant is about to close, they take the order-confirmation and go to pick up their meal.

BuffetGo tells me that generating revenue is not a top priority at the moment, but, like other startups that facilitate transactions, they are operating on a commission-basis, taking a small percentage of the price of each portion that restaurants sell.

Restaurants, which can use the service for free, range from bakeries, to sushi places, to buffets, and take-away establishments. BuffetGo launched in Denmark in August 2015, but has declined to reveal how many users or what sort of funding they have at this point. We know, however, that they have already expanded internationally, creating websites to serve users in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Finland.

Their further plans are a bit unclear at this point, as the startup tells me that they have confirmed their proof-of-concept with restaurants, are continuing to build up their service, and have gone from just a few employees to more than 15 (including freelancers), but they are still working out potential targets for international expansion. Although they have not yet settled on expansion targets, BuffetGo tells me that they are seeking partners in Turkey and neighboring countries.

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