Storyo unveils app to help you create stories from your boring photos

storyoWith loads of photo-organization apps out there, it can be difficult to stick out. Portuguese startup Storyo believes that they have developed a fresh take on the idea.

The idea behind Storyo, as the startup’s name suggests, is that users should be able to use their photos to tell stories. In this case, the app works by allowing users to select a time-period, which automatically selects the photos during that timeline. You can then add titles, captions,  maps, or even music as you go. But you do not necessarily have to do it yourself, as the app also automatically creates stories (whether it is your week or year in review), adding the relevant details as it goes.

The app is completely free for the moment, with a representative from the startup telling me that they are currently focused on developing their patent-pending algorithm and building the core product, but that they are also exploring monetization options and are planning to roll something out by the end of this year.

Storyo went live on iOS and Android in 2015 and, while they declined to reveal how many people use the service, would tell me that they have processed 8 million user photos and allowed users to create more than 500,000 stories (what they term “storyos”). It is also worth noting that we do not frequently encounter startups that have developed an app for Fire OS, but Storyo is one of the rare exceptions, it seems.

Speaking of Android, Storyo’s app has received a warm reception in the Google Play store, currently maintaining a rating of 4.3 stars (out of 5) from 115 reviewers. Their app has received similarly positive reviews on iOS, with a rating of 5 (out of 5) stars from 72 ratings.

We have also learned that they have just closed a deal for an undisclosed amount of funding with Portugal Ventures.

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