Shargo announces rapid-delivery service, but for the mobile era

shargoWhile it has long been possible to ship packages all over the world, less attention has typically been paid to “the last mile”, or the area immediately leading up to the destination for your package. Barcelona-based Shargo has taken aim at this area, rolling out a platform that allows people to deliver items within an hour and manage the entire process from their smartphones.

Shargo operates by allowing users to ship smaller items, whether it is food, medicine, documents, flowers, furniture, or whatever it is, from as little as 3 Euro. What is interesting here is that they ask that you submit details on what you would like delivered, but then also allow users to request a particular type of vehicle for transporting the item. From there, the delivery-person shows up within 30 minutes and users can follow along on the app as the item travels to its destination. The one downside, for the time being, is that the service is only available to people located in Barcelona.

Shargo’s apps for Android and iOS have received a positive reception, albeit from a very small sample size, with the former maintaining a rating of 5 stars (out of 5) from 8 ratings.

In terms of monetization, Shargo has followed in the steps of many startups that process transactions and opted for a commission-based model.

Shargo only went live at the beginning of February, but tells me that they already work with 40 companies and 150 individuals. Going forward, they intend to build the business by integrating with major carriers, such as Seur, MRW, ASM, etc.) and getting small-business clients to stick with projections, which currently indicate 15% growth in the number of parcels delivered weekly. They also intend to expand the working hours that you would expect from a delivery service, by serving customers on Saturdays and Sundays.

The startup is funded by 215K Euro from undisclosed angels, but they tell me that they are negotiating another 300K Euro in public backing.

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