Reedsy helps you build the team that will help you put your first novel out there

reedsy2The online era may have opened the door for you to write and self-publish that novel that you have long had stuck in your head, but that does not mean that you do not need help in getting your work(s) out there. That is where Reedsy, a British startup offering a marketplace for finding professionals in the publishing industry, comes into play.

The idea behind Reedsy is that, while you have the idea for the work, whatever type of work it is, you need a team to make it a reality and they have therefore developed a platform to find freelance designers, editors, proofreaders, publicists, marketer, or even ghostwriter, if you do not wish to write it out yourself. And they are not just general freelancers, either, as prospective authors can apply filters to find people with skills in a particular language or specialize in a particular category (fiction or nonfiction) or genre and then go from there. Profiles for professionals include the person’s location, work history, and areas of specialization. Having found 5 people from whom you would like to request a (free) quote, the next step is to provide the freelancers with a selection from your work, as well as general information about it.

Just recently, Reedsy rolled out Book Editor, which, as the name suggests, they envision as a platform to replace Microsoft Word (or other word-processors) as the tool of choice for churning out your masterpiece. Highlights of this service include the ability to format your text as you go, collaborate in real-time with co-authors and editors, and then export to PDF or other publishing platforms. Going forward, the startup is planning to roll out new templates for Book Editor, as well as incorporate a tracking-and-commenting feature.

Reedsy generates revenue through transactions in the marketplace, taking 10% from both the author and the professional. The book editor that they recently unveiled is completely free.

Reedsy, which launched its marketplace in November 2014, currently claims more than 7,000 authors, as well as 400 professionals (hand-picked from 10,000 applicants) as users.

They prefer to keep the amount that they have raised private, but would tell me that their investors include Kima Ventures and DN Capital, as well as “quite a few” angels with connections to the publishing industry.

While Reedsy initially launched as a platform for independent authors, they have found that publishing companies have been using the service (through author accounts) in order to hire a freelancer for a particular, so they are planning to unveil publisher-focused accounts, which will have increased project-management functionalities.

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