Lofty offers courier service for items that you would like to temporarily store away

Laurence-et-la-boiteThe idea of renting out a storage-space is hardly a new concept, but French startup Lofty is looking to put a fresh spin on it, with a platform geared towards helping urbanites in cities like London, Paris, Stockholm, etc. to clear up space in their apartments with a service that allows people to have items shipped away and delivered back as they need them.

In the case on Lofty, users have the option of ordering boxes (free delivery) and then using the startup’s app to photograph and register items. Or, they can skip the boxes and simply ship (free pickup) items like strollers, suitcases, sports equipment, etc. In either case, the advantage here is that customers can send Lofty a message when they are ready to have the items back and they will be delivered on the same day.

Lofty has opted for a subscription model, offering 3 plans, which range in price from 19-39 Euro per month. The difference in plans is in the monthly fee, the delivery fee for returned items (only the priciest plan offers free delivery. The others require users to pay an additional 14.90 Euro), the number of boxes, and the monthly price for additional boxes or items.

Lofty has not been live for long, having only launched in December 2015. As such, they are reluctant to reveal how many users they have at this point. However, founder Cedric Naintre would tell me that they have picked up enough traction outside of Paris to confirm their proof of concept.

Lofty picked up a seed round worth 250,000 pounds from an undisclosed investor in 2015 and is in the process of closing a round worth 500,000 pounds from a group of serial entrepreneurs. With this backing, they are looking to establish a presence across Europe, targeting the continent’s 10 largest cities (and they are not stopping there).

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