Badi wants to connect you with the perfect roommate

badi_roommateWhen finding a place to live, it is tricky enough to find the perfect place to live or the perfect roommate. Finding both may seem like a challenge too great, but Spanish startup Badi has taken aim at the issue with a platform that aims to provide users with the ideal living situation.

Getting started with Badi involves posting or finding a room (using geolocation to narrow down an area). Profiles for rooms or apartments are basically what you would expect to find, with information about the number of rooms in the property, the price, the location, amenities, availability (date), and minimum and maximum stay (days). When seeking a room, the service allows users to add listings to your favorites or to go ahead and “like” it. If the owner likes the individual’s profile, they can go ahead and open up a conversation about potentially living together. As with social-networks, the personal profiles allow users to reveal a bit about themselves, including languages that they speak, preferences (such as smoking, the type of accommodation they are seeking, etc.), and hobbies. The best part about the platform is that it is currently completely free to use.

Badi, which launched in September 2015, tells me that they currently have 25,000 users for their mobile-only service, available for Android and iOS. While monetization is important for just about every business, not every startup needs to focus on it immediately and, in the case of Badi, they tell me that they are currently focused on growth. External funding helps in this regard and Badi has obtained some, having picked up 300,000 Euro from “a big fund and 3 angels”. That money is being put towards boosting the startup’s presence in Spain, but they tell me that they are planning to raise another round in 2 months, which will allow them to expand internationally.

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